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New Romances on House, Bones and SVU

hotdvdcollection.com / Jul 07, 2010

How long can House and Cuddy actually be together as a couple? It almost seems antithetical to the character and the show. — Dave T.
MICKEY: Executive producer Katie Jacobs has made it clear that Huddy is not a ratings ploy; she intends to see it through to its logical conclusion. If the snuggly promo photos are any indication, at least initially they'll be aiming for true romance. But House will still be a medical drama and Master Gregory will still be very, very cranky. So for now, wipe those Moonlighting-related thoughts from your mind.

Will Bones and Booth really be apart when Bones comes back? — Marta
MICKEY: It's looking that way, particularly now that we know that Booth will meet his new love interest, a journalist, when she's embedded with his unit in Afghanistan. In a seemingly Grey's Anatomy-inspired Teddy-Owen-like twist, she'll follow Booth back to Washington, where they'll attempt to be together in the real world. And we all know how that goes. But don't blame Bones — she'll be nothing but supportive of the born-under-fire union.

If this is the last season of Law & Order: SVU, does it mean we'll finally see Benson and Stabler together? — Gloria
MICKEY: Well, it may or may not be the last season; nothing official has been announced. It all depends on how Law & Order: Los Angeles does. As for an ultimate Benson-Stabler hookup, don't hold your breath. First, it's totally not Dick Wolf's style to center one of his shows on a romance. Second, Olivia is already getting a new love interest. (Good to see you again, brutha.)

I heard Kevin and Scotty will lose their surrogate when Brothers & Sisters resumes. Please tell me it's not true! — Brittney
ADAM: Would that I could, Brittney, but it sounds like after all that worrying last season, adopting a baby isn't in the cards for the couple. Instead, look for the guys to open their home to an underprivileged teen this season.

So glad CBS renewed Medium. Got any scoop on the new season? — Evan
ADAM: The Season 7 premiere will revisit Detective Scanlon's relationship with older brother Paul, who was killed last season. Viewers will see pieces of the boys' childhood with an abusive father, which Lee (David Cubitt) reflects on while trying to bust a deadbeat dad. Don't rule out an appearance from Ghost Paul.

Have we seen the last of Shelby Corcoran on Glee? — Matty
MICKEY: I have a feeling that Idina Menzel will be back when the plot calls for it, but in the meantime, the writers are turning their attention toward Rachel's as-yet-unseen two dads. It's a little suspicious that we haven't met them yet, but it seems that will change next season. Any casting suggestions? I vote for Taye Diggs and House's Peter Jacobson.

I need Grey's Anatomy info, stat. I'll take anything. — Melanie
ADAM: How about another dose of Chandra Wilson directing? The actress tells us she will step behind the camera again for the upcoming season's fifth episode. Her most recent directorial effort featured a romantic moment with new boyfriend Ben (Jason George), so should we expect the same? It's too soon to tell, but we do know what we won't be seeing. "[Creator] Shonda Rhimes keeps threatening to do the musical episodes of Grey's," Wilson says. "And I kept saying, 'I'm just walking away!'"

Any scoop on The Vampire Diaries' new season? — Lally
MICKEY: The much-teased werewolf storyline will get under way quickly when an estranged relative breezes into Mystic Falls to act as a Mr. Miyagi type to the afflicted party. Apparently, Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec didn't thi

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