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A Brief Introduction to Hart of Dixie season 1

hotdvdcollection.com / Jun 25, 2012

Hart of Dixie season 1

Grew up in New York, aspiring heart of the city girl Zoe Hart (played by Rachel Bilson) to the first class honors from medical school, originally intended to become a cardiothoracic surgeon like his father did, but things are not her imaginationso smooth, her dream was shattered, Zoe had to accept the invitation of an eccentric Harley Wilkes doctors, go to him run Bluebell town in Alabama, a small clinic. Hart of Dixie season 1


When Zoe came to town and was surprised to find Harley has been negligent, and will also be clinics half ownership of will to give her, Zoe originally thought it was the legendary Southern hospitality, but it is not true; like from a dream come true wealth did not bring any joy in Zoe. Hart of Dixie season 1


The Brick Breeland, the town of another doctor, just to the near Zoe side is very dissatisfied, especially when I heard that they have to share ownership of the clinic and the little-known outsider anything in the fire, Brick the daughter of the Lemon (Jaime King plays) is a typical Southern beauty, when Zoe saw her and found her body the sweet temperament. Hart of Dixie season 1


In the process of small town life in a period of time, Zoe also paid a lot of friends to give her a lot of help, including the mayor Lavon Hayes (played by Cress Williams,), the local mayor, a young man was a local rugby star; Zoe's new neighbor, known as the "bad boy," said Wade, Kinsella, (played by Wilson, Bethel,), the handsome lawyer George Tucker (Scott Porter, play), originally thought that George and Zoe will play, but contact soon Zoe George has been fiancee, and his fiancee is Lemon. Hart of Dixie season 1


Legitimate Zoe felt unable to adapt to the environment here and decided to own powerful mother who suddenly all the way from New York came to packing to go home, and her mother sudden unexpected visit, Zoe decided to stay a little longer in the Bluebell town, through the During this time small town life to discover the unknown other side, who knows? Hart of Dixie season 1


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