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A Brief Introduction to Once Upon a Time Season 1

hotdvdcollection.com / Jun 22, 2012

Once Upon a Time Season 1

The story describes a place in modern society and the fairy tale world would like to collision in the fairy tale they finally live happily together at least everyone thought so. Once Upon a Time Season 1


28-year-old Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison, play, starred in: House,) was a baby was abandoned by their parents, so she grew up not understanding the so-called fairy tales, or even never believed that there have things all his life rely on the power of a hard life, and now Emma rely on to help people received bail for their livelihoods. Once Upon a Time Season 1


Until one day, when she gave up for adoption 10 years ago, his son Henry, (played by Jared Gilmore) appear in front of their own and eager to help, the life of Emma 'bizarre change; Henry, Emma from the one with the mythical parallel world - and she is Snow White and Prince Charming missing daughter; according to the description of Henry's book of fairy tales, the prince and princess in order to protect Emma deliberately sent elsewhere, to escape the deadly curse of the evil Queen, the curse the myth of the world will never freeze, and will be abandoned in modern society. Once Upon a Time Season 1

Emma certainly do not believe such nonsense, and Henry returned to the named Storybrooke town, asked him this is not to run around. The strange thing is, when she came to this town to find this unusual child, and this wonderful New England town Emma is an irresistible attraction; to Henry's safety, so Emma worried that decided to stay a few days and soon she saw and heard in the town that she started this so-called Storybrooke town she did not imagine simple. Once Upon a Time Season 1


Here may be a magic has been forgotten for a long time, but it remains the people's side; fairy tale role now may not remember who he had been, but they are still alive, decided the fate of two worlds of war slowly to open the prelude to win the final victory, Emma must accept their fate, and like a true warrior to fight as. Once Upon a Time Season 1


Ginnifer Goodwin (starred: Big Love) plays Mary Margaret nuns and the fairy tale world of Snow White in the play; Josh in Dallas in the play play the Prince Charming of the fairy world; Lana Parrilla (starred: of Miami Medical) were to play a fairy tale the world of the evil Queen and Regina; Jamie Dornan play Storybrooke town sheriff; Raphael Sbarge as Archie and the fairy tale world. Jiminy Cricket (Note: "Pinocchio" in cricket. Jiminy Cricket), and Robert the Carlyle (starred: SGU Stargate Universe), Mr. Gold to play Rumplestiltskin and the fairy tale world (Note: The dwarf wizard adept at the use of black magic) Once Upon a Time Season 1

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