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A Brief Introduction to True Blood

hotdvdcollection.com / Jun 13, 2012

True Blood Season 4

In the PaleyFest Television Festival held on March 5, U.S. local time (the Paleyfest television section is exhibited the previous year hit U.S. drama), the True Blood cast members came to the scene for the play propaganda campaign, True Blood, the fourth quarter will be 6aired on the night of Sunday 26 May, on the day's activities and did not release the series of commercials in the fourth quarter, but the show's creators and director Alan Ball told the reporters' questions back to the general plot of True Blood Season 4


The following picture shows the poster released in the Paleyfest Television Festival.

A deformation or the shaman's role, you will see another drama yet to add a new werewolf role True Blood Season 4


2, on the fight scene at the end of the third quarter of the vampire queen Sophie Anne and Bill will be holding to a third party True Blood Season 4


3, in the fourth quarter, Tara and Pam will be together (engage Lara?) True Blood Season 4


4, Hoyt, and Jessica will be the event of a disagreement between.


5 actor in the play as Andy Bellefleur Sergeant Chris Bauer, in talking about the role they play in the fourth quarter to take the V blood to do some strange experiments


6, directed by Alan Ball still support the development of relations between the two of Bill and Sookie, although this would have been a Sookie-Eric control and Sookie-Alcide control has been opposed


7, the director, Alan Ball, confirmed, Fiona Shaw, (Harry Potter series, playing Harry's aunt) and Gary Cole, a guest (in a good wife) will be a guest in the fourth quarter, In addition, he also confirmed the previous quarter in debut Godric and Russell Edgington will return to the (possibly debut in the form of a soul or Flashback)


8, who plays Eric actor Alexander Skarsgard at the press conference described in the new season will showcase Eric fragile side, he gradually began accusing human emotions, in essence, he found himself falling in love with someone and can not extricate themselves (I believe most of the audience noted that this person must be Sookie) True Blood Season 4


9, when it comes to another black Lafayette and on the season debut of the wizard nurse Jesus Velasquez, the black star Nelsan Ellis, it comes to Lafayette is 100% believe that Jesus, Velasquez, but this does not rule out Jesus, Velasquez, to exert some magic, but in the fourth quarter of wizards and witches scenes account for very heavy, so all get to the bottom. True Blood Season 4


10, another director of the director, Alan Ball, the release period of the fourth quarter of trailers, trailers about Hoyt and Jessica caught in a demonstration against humanity and vampire contacts, emotional, Hoyt, playing with one of the demonstrators, another in the procession It also appears the figure of Pam. True Blood Season 4

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