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Dexter Episode Recap: "The Getaway"

hotdvdcollection.com / Dec 28, 2009

Now that Trinity has discovered Dexter's true identity, the serial killer warns Dexter to back off. But Dexter will stop at nothing to get rid of Trinity on his own terms, even if it means putting himself on the wrong side of the law. Ultimately, the two end up in a confrontation that will change their lives forever. Meanwhile, Rita takes note of her less than perfect relationship with Dexter, but reaffirms her support.

Dexter Takes a Joy Ride
The action picks up where we left off: with Dexter and Trinity face-to-face at the Miami Metro station following Trinity's discovery of Dexter's true identity.  "He knows my name, occupation, he can find out about my family...my family. What the hell have I done?" Dexter says to himself.

Trinity tells Dexter that all he wants is for Dexter to disappear from his life and he'll do the same for him. "If I were you, I'd give up vigilantism. You're not very good at this," Trinity tells him before walking away with a smirk on his face. ButDexter is not going to wait another second. He pulls out a syringe from the back of a drawer and runs out to follow Trinity. Of course, Quinn gets in his way, but Dexter literally throws him to the ground and speeds off to catch up to Trinity.

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