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Ghost Whisperer A Great Show!

hotdvdcollection.com / Apr 13, 2012

I started watching this back in 2005 and I was hooked ever since on this show. I bought all the five series of Ghost Whisperer on www/boxsetoffer/com and it was fantastic.

The show concerns the "adventures" of Melinda Gordon, a woman that has since an early age been able to see and communicate with spirits. According to the premise, spirits of those who die generally go "into the light," while those that are troubled in some way or do not desire to go remain "earth-bound." Melinda helps the spirits, with boundless energy and patience, to resolve their issues and move on.

The idea of someone seeing ghosts everywhere, rather than the clichéd "at night" or "in a haunted house" scenario, was so refreshing. Nearly every episode is a tear jerker. Very emotional for me as each story unfolds and a strong sense of relief when Melinda finally gives them a chance to find their peace and crossover. The plot of each episode feels unique. Melinda Gordan (Hewitt) seems to have met every ghost in the book, but each week, it's someone and something different. And the ghosts themselves aren't stereotypes: they have their own back stories and some have completely unforeseeable story lines. For example, one episode starts with a camping trip in the woods, where Melinda stumbles upon an old car. The woman is looking for her child, who is apparently all grown up. The woman, it turns out, left home in the middle of a winter storm with the girl to escape an abusive relationship with her husband.


I love this show for the story lines and the meanings behind them. I feel for the characters and, having lost a loved one, can relate to their pain. It makes me wish that I could have one last chance for closure while at the same time feel comforted, believing that my loved ones are at peace, able to cross over and re-unite with those who had gone before.

Watch Ghost Whisperer and enjoy it for what it is, an entertaining, tear jerker, that can take you away from reality for an hour each week. It will never leave you empty, and you might even want to call up your mom (or other loved one) to tell her you love her...and that's never a bad thing.

I recommend Ghost Whisperer to anyone, even if you've seen the episodes, go back and watch the pilot again. It's really great writing, and I don't mean just the dialog, but the story and it's built.

Don't whisper; tell everyone loudly that this is a great show!

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