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Mega Buzz on Fringe, The Mentalist, The Office and More!

hotdvdcollection.com / Nov 19, 2009

When will we learn more about the Observers on Fringe ?
MICKEY: On Thursday's episode, we'll meet August, who is just as bald and hairless as last season's Observer (who is rumored to be named September, by the way). It seems that August is doing more than observing, and his meddling could threaten a woman's life... or death. We'll also learn that Observers have been present for many calamitous historical events, and that they're gearing up for the next one, which, sadly, includes Olivia & Co.Is it true that Bosco will be Red John's next victim on The Mentalist?
ADAM: Let me answer your question with one of my own: Why would Red John, who is known for killing women, go after Agent Bosco? That said, Bosco's investigation of Red John does put him in serious danger. One more question: Who can't be trusted in the CBI?

What happens to The Office if Dunder Mifflin goes bankrupt?
MICKEY: We'll find out soon enough, Andrea! Executive producer Greg Daniels teases that Dunder Mifflin's financial problems are not going away any time soon. In fact, in an effort to shore up investor confidence, the powers that be will invite Michael, as the manager of the company's most successful branch, to New York for a little glad-handing at the shareholders' meeting. That's how desperate they are.


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