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Most Meta Thing Ever: Curb Your Enthusiam ,How I Met Your Mother

hotdvdcollection.com / Nov 28, 2009

 Best Game: How I Met Your Mother's episode kicker — directed by Neil Patrick Harris — features a parody of old-school kids' games commercials. The ad for the Slap Bet board game, the latest creation from Lily's dad, Mickey, features hand-burns on everyone's faces, a peppy version of Marshall's Slap Bet anthem "You Just Got Slapped," and a kid whacking grandma (hey, it's for ages 9 to 99). It's probably a good thing this isn't real, because we'd buy it for sure. Curb Your Enthusiasm caps off not only its own seventh season but also Seinfeld's entire run, with an alternate-reality reunion that seems better, in the glimpses of it that we received, than the finale Seinfeld actually aired more than a decade ago. Having said that, the Curb finale's best moment isn't in the show-within-a-show. It's Larry's cutting-room-floor attempt to play George, a character he can't master even though he's based on himself. (A close second: The reunion between Larry and Cheryl that ties together every joke in the episode and reveals, as we probably could have guessed, that Cheryl doesn't respect wood.)

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