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Once Upon a Time Season 1--A Conjecture Of The Actor Roles

hotdvdcollection.com / Aug 13, 2012

Once Upon a Time Season 1

Tom Welling, who plays Eric Prince (Prince Eric)

We firmly believe that God created the "Smallville" actor also cloned Prince Eric in "The Little Mermaid". Really, take a look at the comparison photos of the two! They are simply carved out from a mold. Once Upon a Time Season 1

Played by Joanna Garcia (JoAnna Garcia) The Little Mermaid Ariel child Princess (Princess Ariel)

We are eager to Garcia can return to the screen, play the most endearing fairy tale red-haired beauty! What role than the "Little Mermaid" in the United States if the angel, the rebellious child Ariel Princess is more suitable for her to return to? Once Upon a Time Season 1

Josh Holloway who plays Robin Hood (Robin Hood)

Josh Holloway character naughty and looks handsome to play Grand Theft Auto-style hero for the "Lost" actor come in handy for the Holloway temperament image in full compliance with this archery superb, "Robin Hood" outlaws . Once Upon a Time Season 1

Evangeline Lilly who plays Robin Hood's girlfriend Dmitry Marian (Maid by Marian)

If so, of Holloway, who plays Robin Hood, played by Lily Marian, "fairy tale town" will be able to "Lost" fans offer an epic reuni on show ": Sawyer (Sawyer) and Kate (Kate) in the small screen on the reun ion! (Do not let Jack Jack and Juliet Juliet ~) Once Upon a Time Season 1

Colin Ford who plays Peter Pan Peter Pan (Peter Pan)

Colin Ford played in the U.S. drama Supernatural, the juvenile version of Sam Winchester (Sam Winchester) was known, his charming boy charm and fascinating smile made ​​him a played this the best person to never grow up Peter Pan.

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