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The First Six Episodes For True Blood

hotdvdcollection.com / Jun 13, 2012

True Blood Season 4

Drama drama in the fourth quarter of name and broadcast time:


True Blood Season 4 EPISODE 4x01 - "She's Not There" (Broadcast time: 29/06/11)


Plot: Sookie (by Anna Paquin, playing) trip away from Bon Temps,; Eric (Alexander Skarsgard play) and Bill (Stephen Moyer, play close contact with humans) try to win back;, Jason (Ryan Kwanten play) understand their own will not own behavior to be punished; Tara (Rutina Wesley plays) found a refuge; Sam (Sam began to imprison his own conduct of Trammell play); Hoyt, (Jim Parrack play) and played by Jessica (Deborah, Ann Woll) a dispute at the dinner; Jesus, ( Kevin Alejandro) to persuade played by Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) joined the big party to a witch;, Terry (Todd Lowe plays) (Carrie Preston plays) try to alleviate Arlene was worried about the children born of fear


True Blood Season 4 EPISODE 4x02 - "You Smell LikeDinner" (Broadcast time: 03/07/11)


Story: Sookie adapt to new changes of the town of Bon Temps;, Bill the release of his past memories of debris; Eric hit the witches gathering together;, Jason hurt;, Andy struggled for his new addiction; of Sam learned about Luna legends; Jessica began satisfy their bloodthirsty desire; Arlene was witnessed the bizarre behavior of his own family


True Blood Season 4 EPISODE 4x03 - "If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin '?" (Broadcast time: 10/07/11)


Plot: Sookie and Eric do a transaction with Alcide meet again; Bill to punish a deviation from the right way the vampire and advice lost the right path Jessica;, Jason joined an organization to become a reluctant savior; the Tommy to make the trick alienated of Sam; Marnie find yourself; Pam, to Lafayette, Tara, and Jesus passed an ultimatum; Eric destruction of Sookie's fairy reuni on


True Blood Season 4 EPISODE 4x04 - I'm Alive and on Fire (premiere: 17/07/11)


Plot: Alcide to help Sookie to get rid of Eric chase; Marnie find a new mantra; Bill found on Bellefleurs family secret;, Jason pray for the release of the hostages free; Sam penetrate into Luna internal organization; Arlene was to see the specter of the wall; the Tommy to return to their growth local


True Blood Season 4 EPISODE 4x05 - "Me and the Devil" (premiere time: 24/07/11)


Story: to take care of Sookie, Eric; Bill involved in the witchcraft crisis of a personal animosity; Pam, become a nun; Sam became the Tommy's accomplices; Arlene was and Terry to solve their own problems of faith from the religious look to religion to solve their problem; Jesus and Lafayette came to Mexico looking for a shaman's magic; Jason rehabilitation


True Blood Season 4  EPISODE 4x06 - "I Wish I Was The Moon" (premiere time: 31/07/11)


Plot: Sookie during a full moon to find, Jason; Marnie learned some thing of the past through their own mental abilities; Arlene was and Terry to deal with a suspicious guy; Debbie called on the Alcide joined to the new werewolf organization; the Tommy and Sam start a transaction; Lafayette, in Mexico feel the spirit of the force; Eric began to yield to the wishes of their own King.

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