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The first impression of Ringer Season 1

hotdvdcollection.com / May 15, 2012

Ringer Season 1

Commenting on this drama before, I first Tucao hang a rush of "twins" ever since the fall of 2010 last year file to start the American television industry depends on the wind, from The CW's The Vampire Diaries "double body" and then FOX television Fringe real world and the parallel world of "double body" Then from the summer season this year, the "double body" evolved into "sister twins, the first cable television network ABC Family summer profile drama of The Lying Game, and then the fall of file The CW Ringer, do not know this hot-shot wind will corpuscles, at least at present is not; the same is increasingly consummate Hollywood special effects technology, making it difficult to the naked eye, respectively, true and false. Ringer Season 1

The point at issue, Ringer as the 2011 autumn file also experienced a small dash is transferred to the originally scheduled for broadcast on CBS television drama in broadcasting before the CW television stations, taking into account on the CBS crime drama The television would be better on the theme of youth dramas the CW television drama is the name of starring Sarah Michelle Gellar return to TV gimmick to attract the attention of the audience is not very familiar with Sarah Michelle Gellar actor, knew that she had shot over the vampire drama series Buffy saw her starring film the U.S. version of The Grudge (The Ring), and the other is not very deep impression; seen before the introduction of the first set of the official website on the story and the drama is to go hanging doubt the drama route, especially after watching the first episode Pilot can use five words can be summed up - "ring set ring"; before also read some reports on this drama, the play director claims that will be left behind in each focus some clues to guess the audience, at least the first set of Pilot is done, as far as you believe it or not, anyway, I is the letter! Ringer Season 1

 The first episode is a flashback mode to tell a story; strippers Bridget to witness to the gang Macawi killing their own peers and sisters, in order to prevent eye and decided to flee to New York to seek refuge so many years but the relationship has been very indifferent twin sister Siobhan to see Siobhan's affluence, Bridget, is absolutely Hold could never occurred to just meet sister Siobhan playing hide and seek let desperate Bridget had Cosplay play Siobhan, believe that this had on high society Bridget would like to own a good day to come, did not think the sister Siobhan life is a mess cake, first cold husband Andrew behavior baffled, and then emerge an underground lover Tara Summers, there are folders without the knowledge of the women's apartment in the middle honey friend Gemma, and also do her husband's daughter, a stepmother identity education until the last to find themselves still or being chased. Ringer Season 1

 Have to admit that the heroine of Bridget's life is the average person can enjoy, compared to before you take the youth idol route of The Lying Game, as the adult version of Ringer metaphor: just escaped from the wolf's den, and fell into the jaws of death; from the end of the first episode learned an important clue in the sister Siobhan is not dead, sister Bridget for her "die", but after the truth with the story commence. Ringer Season 1

 The addition Tucao drama about the most calm and the role of detective Victor, learned that the protection of human Bridget fled to New York and then in New York to see Bridget as a substitute, the officer's face is still calm, for to do the general plot must be asked in the end, I feel that the officers are also hidden secret, a little look forward to it! Ringer Season 1

Finally the macro the whole story, as go the suspense route, I think the title CW television for broadcast teen idols, play fate will not be too long, if the more backward drag, the audience's patience will be the lower, so a personal point of view , I think the play can sustain up to four seasons, of course, broadcasting from the first set of ratings, it seems better, and after can not be maintained, to be the degree of the U.S. audience tastes, and I will have been concerned about the progress of the drama situation. Ringer Season 1

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