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The first impression of The Secret Circle Season 1

hotdvdcollection.com / May 14, 2012

The Secret Circle Season 1

The Vampire Diaries drama adaptation of works of the same author, I believe that CW is absolutely full of information of the play, The Vampire Diaries is a good example, but also the name of its slogan to make a fuss, if the ratings not very awful renewal is a matter of first episode gave me the feeling like a saw a small film, because the opening of the plot attracted me. The Secret Circle Season 1


Abroad who the witch is the theme of the film and television works, many of which are in a negative about the witches, plus witch people feel is synonymous with evil, and good shooting youth dramas the CW television have to pull hard through this series to Witch of the image of the front, then, of course, attractive men and women is essential, not to mention there is a wizard, the more the story becomes very bizarre. The Secret Circle Season 1


Due to an accidental fire claimed the life of the Cassie Blake, the mother, Amelia, herself a person came to the mother's hometown of a man named Chance, Harbor, a small town to seek refuge with their grandmother, Jane, and then met in the town four entanglement has been her age youth, Faye, Melissa, Nick, Adam and Diana, and only one purpose: Cassie fetters, fetters, because only six people to each other have real power, though not read the original, the original twelve, TV version is six, the other play two characters: one is Chance, the Harbor Town Secondary School Principals Dawn and Diana's father, Charles, do not know screenwriter intend to write these two characters anyway, the first episode I imagine is not good. The Secret Circle Season 1


Clarify the drama of the characters relationship, I suddenly came to realize that this relationship between the characters too the idea that this is not the typical gourd brothers figure the relationship between chain? Cassie, etc. compared to a gourd six brothers, that Dawn and Charles is a typical Green Snake King Scorpion King, Oh! ! ! The Secret Circle Season 1


In the ending, the hero Cassie in the bedroom to find a mother left behind things and a letter, the letter warned the Cassie, because of the incredible strength of their own body will attract a number of ill people looking for above, at least the beginning of several young age had been looking for a fight; In addition, by Dawn and Charles at the end of the subtle play added a lot of mystery, at least certainly one thing, they do so is to Cassie led to Chance, the Harbor Town, as long as she is to the all right to do. The Secret Circle Season 1


Of course, in addition to Cassie this Big Drama, there are a lot of questions worth pondering:


Why Cassie grew up behind the surfaced and Cassie mother lay violent hands. The Secret Circle Season 1


The Cassie group of parents of the six only one to survive? Lifetime members of the group not a wizard, screenwriter will take the Drama make a fuss. The Secret Circle Season 1


3, after the establishment of the the shaman six group will not be simple and create a ruckus? Think of the shaman favorite and who is dealing with the Demon? The Secret Circle Season 1


4, the shaman's capacity will be limited to the town of Chance, the Harbor? From the opening of Cassie's mother was black, looks like this relationship is not large. The Secret Circle Season 1


Also worth a mention is Cassie's grandmother, this man is absolutely is a hidden large the BOSS, according to kinship, the Cassie's mother is a witch, the Cassie is also a witch, the Cassie's grandmother for granted is also, according to the gourd brother's character relationship chain, the Cassie's grandmother should be the positioning of the white bearded old man, because of her age in the play is the biggest hope that Cassie's grandmother not to take the white-bearded old man ending, if you go, screenwriter adults, I admit that you really read the gourd brothers. The Secret Circle Season 1

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