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Touch Season 1 Review

hotdvdcollection.com / Jun 05, 2012

Touch Season 1

FOX TV drama "Touch" by the famous screenwriter Tim Kring and producer Peter Chernin and Katherine Pope, together to create. The the play involves supernatural the power of, in the drama A Journey through Science and Realms phase blend of the, everyone Du Contact to into a the the a whole, and through the the invisible the way affecting each other and changing the forward to the the fate of of others. Touch Season 1

"Touch" begins first was dedicated to the audience several seemingly unrelated roles - the first is a fireman, he could not save a dying women suffering; then an upcoming family followed by a fall of a young Iraqis; is a talented singer, he was ok the move to save millions of lives thousands of miles away; Finally, a British businessman, desperate to retrieve his lost cell phone where an important information. Wonderful narrative, "Touch" the direct and indirect interactions between these people recount. Touch Season 1

"Touch" the protagonist is a widowed single father, Martin Bohm, Martin because it can not be quiet with their own extreme autistic 11-year-old son Jake communication headaches. Although Martin has love, witty and thoughtful, but he tried to talk with his son try all failed - Jake always expressionless, indifferent, not let anyone touch him, including his father, while they a day Daoteng some scrap mobile phone, dismantling, and then tinkering with parts, look at the world with his own special way. Touch Season 1

Jake stay in school after the failure of several attempts, Martin, a cause to the attention of social workers of Clea Hopkins. She visited the Martin home, and insisted to assess the living environment of Jake. Clea Although work experience is not so rich, but she was on a look out of Martin's life has been one of his no longer be able to control children dominated. Touch Season 1

And she feels it to Martin in order with Jake exchange attempts made in vain, So Clea decided to let the government to intervene to solve the family problems. However, when Martin found that his son has a different from normal day time-sharing, everything changed - Jake has a unique ability to foresee things, and hold the mode of connecting anything. Jake actually has been in communication with others, but not with words, but through the figures. Jake needs his father Martin to break these numbers mean, and they keep up with the figure mentioned several opening linked together, because these figures affect their fate. Touch Season 1

In this process, Martin has been the guidance and help retire the old professor Boris Podolsky. Boris According to Jake and his special abilities an incredible and convincing theory: we are all interrelated and precision unparalleled part of the universe, whether it is an opportunity, coincidence, timing, work together or the fate of the reasons there will always be touched all of us the incident. Touch Season 1


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