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True Blood Season 4 Finale Recap

hotdvdcollection.com / Sep 17, 2011

The end of this season of True Blood was reminiscent of Quentin Tarantino’s films; suspenseful for two hours, then a mad dash to kill every last character in about five minutes… Not that there’s anything wrong with that!


Let’s start with the sheriff. Newly sobered up, he re-approaches Holly, and they hug and make up. Seems all is well on the Andy front.

Terry and Alrene

Onward, to the juicy stuff. Terry’s old army buddy comes to visit, though we fail to learn anything about him; how mysterious! Rene’s spirit returns from beyond the grave to visit Arlene, and warn her about Terry’s friend. He seems legit in his concern, especially considering Terry and Arlene will need some new drama next season.

Alcide and Debbie

Since breaking up with Debbie, and befriending Sam, Alcide finds himself in Merlotte’s having a beer. When newly re-hired Sookie approaches, Alcide confesses his love for her, telling her they should be together. Do I smell a love quadrilateral forming between Sookie, Eric, Bill, and Alcide for next year? I predict plenty more shirtless scenes with “Ercill.” Sookie tells Alcide it can never work, but then again, hasn’t she tried that before and failed?

Debbie, now as angry as ever, breaks into Sookie’s house with a shotgun, intent on ending the fairy waitress’s life; but more on that later.


Nan shows up at the royal abode looking for Bill and Eric, to inform them she has quit the AVL (American Vampire League), and is preparing a mutiny against them. Eric and Bill initially decline her offer to join the cause, just moments before killing her guards, and giving her the “true death.”


The newly hybridized Marnie and Lafayette awake to breakfast prepared by Jesus, but Jesus quickly realizes this is merely the body of Lafayette, and Marnie has overtaken him. Once this becomes apparent, Marnfayette stabs Jesus and ties him up. After some violent convincing, Jesus somehow transfers his family’s magic into Marnfayette, which prompts him/her to instantly murder Jesus.

Marnfayette’s next diabolical move is chaining Bill and Eric together. When Sookie, Tara, and Holly show up to stop it, they are relatively unsuccessful, that is, until the dead rise from their graves. Yes, this was all happening in a graveyard, on Halloween; what serendipitous timing for a witch war to be waged.

So, all of the dead people rise from their graves (this is around the same time Rene shows up to warn Arlene about Terry), and it turns out, in the biggest cameo of all, Sookie’s grandmother appears and rips Marnie’s spirit out of Lafayette’s body. Antonia also appears to take Marnie away into the afterlife.

Eric, Bill, and Sookie

Once Eric and Bill are recuperated, they and Sookie have “the talk.” Sookie confesses her love for both of them, but says she can’t bear to be with either of them. What a complicated love quadrilateral this is shaping up (pun intended) to be for next season.


Jason first tells Hoyt about his exploits with Jessica, sustains a beating both physically and emotionally, and essentially loses his bff.

Shortly thereafter, Jason and Jessica did the horizontal mambo again, and claimed they were going to stay casual, though Jason doesn’t seem too into the idea. After Jess leaves though, that reverend from the church against vamps, Steve Newlin, shows up, and with fangs no less!


While we’re on the subject of shocking surprises, past characters, and the continuing parade of cameos, Alcide uncovers a giant gaping hole in the cement in a parking structure in Bon Temps. Thankfully the writers did not actually say it aloud, but it’s clear we have yet to hear the last from Russell Edgington; expect a triumphant return next season?

Back to Debbie

Now let’s backtrack to Debbie. When I left you with that teaser, Debbie had broken into Sookie’s house with a shotgun. Just as Debbie was about to unload a round of led on Sook, Tara saunters by and sees the action from the next room. In trying to save Sookie, Tara jumps in front of the bullet, and gets half of her head shot off (unless you’re an optomist, then it’s half of her head is left attached?).

Sookie quickly overpowers Debbie, shoots her dead with the shotgun, then embraces Tara in a scream/cry as the credits pop up… I should note however, Tara is presumed dead, but I have a feeling we have yet to hear the last from her neither.

Final Thoughts

So in the end, pretty much everyone either died or came back to life. A werewolf tried

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