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Why The House MD Seasons 1-7 Box Set Is So Popular

hotdvdcollection.com / Apr 13, 2012

For fans of quality television, the House MD Seasons 1-6 box set DVD collection is something that simply shouldn't be missed. Few shows on television today manage to offer such compelling story lines, or such keen insight into the human psyche and the broad range of human emotion. For those who have only seen this show a few times, or who have missed it entirely, this collected set of the first six seasons can be a great entry point to the series.

The basics of the show

For those newcomers to the show, House MD is among the few medical dramas to offer more than just a straightforward look at how doctors and nurses interact with one another and with their patients. This show appeals to a broader audience than the prime-time soap opera fans, and is primarily designed as a medical mystery show. It is often also among the more sarcastically funny shows currently on the air.

The show itself features an ensemble cast which includes the title character, Doctor Gregory House. Played by British actor Hugh Laurie, that character is the driving force behind the show's success, as well as most of the action in each episode. Even when Laurie's character is off-screen, it seems that the other doctors and even the patients are often engaged in conversations that focus on him in one way or another.

The structure of the series is fairly straightforward. In each episode there is a mystery to be solved. One patient or another will enter the show's hospital with a mysterious condition of one kind or another. From that point until the conclusion of that episode, House and his team of specialists will try one treatment after another in an attempt to diagnose the condition.


Of course, patients are routinely misdiagnosed, as the medical team utilizes the differential diagnosis approach to identifying illnesses. With each new diagnosis, treatment is administered. Frequently, these treatments cause the patient to get sicker, and a new diagnosis and treatment is applied. Using this process, the team gradually eliminates one possibility after another, until some sudden insight reveals the real problem plaguing the patient.

Strong cast, strong stories

One of the most enduring strengths of the series has been its ability to maintain a strong supporting cast over the course of its seven seasons. From Cuddy to Wilson to every doctor on the team, the cast displays a type of chemistry and camaraderie that has rarely been seen on network television. It seems that every viewer has a reason to feel strongly about every one of the show's main characters.

Of course, the actors who appear regularly on the show are only one of many reasons for its success. Without powerful and engaging story lines, this show might never have risen to its lofty place in the public consciousness. Those story lines drive the series ever onward and make it more than just an episodic mystery series. The characters feel real to viewers, and draw fans back to the television week after week.

The box set

For anyone familiar with box sets of television seasons, this DVD set is similar. It collects every single episode from each of the series' first seven seasons, and presents them in order for the viewer's pleasure. As a result, it is not only a great way for fans of the show to experience their favorite episodes again, but also serves as a perfect opportunity for newcomers to the series to get caught up on all the old episodes.

Of course, like other box sets, the collection also includes a few bonus features that ordinary viewers seldom see. One example is the actual music video that was designed for the show's theme song. For most viewers, however, it is the series itself that is the main attraction, and the opportunity to own every episode from the first six seasons in one well-constructed collection.

Where to find them

The easiest way to acquire this television series collection is to purchase it online. A simple search on the internet will locate many different sites that offer this and other television collections. Since there are price differences from website to website, online shopping is the best way to ensure that fans find the set at the lowest possible price.

Regardless of how the set is purchased, one thing is certain: those who acquire this collection are unlikely to regret their decision. With consistent quality, exciting and intriguing characters, and fascinating story lines, The House MD Seasons 1-7 Box Set is sure to be a hit with television viewers everywhere.

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